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The CSFX provides investors a centralised way to stay up to date with all of equity crowdfunding opportunities & investments, across all Australian equity crowdfunding platforms.

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Why Investors like the CSFX?

The minimum investment amount an individual can make in an Equity Crowdfunding opportunity is as low as $50, this means the likely-hood that an investor will have dozens of investments across multiple platforms is extremely likely. Adding to that, we know that with these types of investments the average timeline for a liquidity event is around 5 years.

Wider reach

Giving companies the capability to to distribute news, announcements and reports to their investor base, whilst also gaining ongoing exposure to the greater Australian Equity Crowdfunding community.


Investors don’t want to have multiple APPs on their phone and they definitely don’t want to have to login to multiple platforms or to search the internet tirelessly just to stay up to date with news and updates around their investments and any new opportunities available to investors.

The CSFX is Australia's first aggregation platform for Australian Equity Crowdfunding Investors.


My Portfolio & Watchlist

Be notified when any important news, announcements or reports are released by your companies, or simply add any companies to your watchlist if you want to follow a company you are not yet invested in.



Easily post and communicate to your investors within CSFX, or push push out news and announcements to your social media channels on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook.


Data & Analytics

Access valuable metrics from both existing shareholders and new potential investor, post engagement, investors adding your company to their portfolio/watchlist, potential raise amount and more.

Are you an investor?

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